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The senior and mature Iams cat food is packed with goodness and health boosters. With flavours such as Succulent Roast Chicken - your cat will certainly enjoy because it tastes as good as it sounds.

A complete dry dog food which offers a balanced diet that is focused on the specific needs of a senior dog from 7 years of age.

Also available in a delicious Lamb & Rice formula.

Try Gerivet granules – a potent supplement  guarding your pet against the symptoms of old age. Help improve your older pet's overall mental and physical health

This complete and balanced diet will ensure your senior companion has all the nutrition they need in order to support lean muscle mass and the immune system. Available in 3kg and 15kg bags. sizes.

The perfect Nutritional aid in the management of degenerative joint disease in dogs & cats. Caring for your pet’s sore joints has never been easier.

A gentle anti-inflammatory for dogs in the form of a soft gel capsule, containing Buchu and Salmon Oil.

Help prevent smelly breath, infected teeth and gingivitis with Pet Dent Finger brush. Simply apply Pet Dent Toothpaste or gel onto the finger brush and brush your pet’s teeth.

This malt-flavoured toothpaste will help contain the bacteria in your pet’s mouth. Formulated for cats and dogs.

Rest is important for senior pets and this plush bed will ensure their comfort.

This stylish quality bed is great for older dogs who have less bladder control. Easily wiped down with a cloth.

Come and visit us in store to find out about these lovely dog products and more.

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